Welcome to Recycle+ collection service – a new optional service! 
You can now recycle even more by opting into this new program to reduce waste beyond what is possible through our weekly recycling collections.  We will pick up these additional items for 
a small monthly base fee and a pickup fee for each requested pickup.

How the program works

Recycle Plus is an on-call, every other week collection service. You must contact us to schedule a pickup at least two business days before the scheduled collection day.  We will collect Recycle + on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month but you must notify us here or by calling that you would like a pickup.

Recycle+ offers:  

  • Collection of materials not included in standard recycling.  
  • Convenient on-call pickups. 
  • No subscription required; cancel any time. 

Accepted Materials

  • Plastic film

    Plastic film/bags (also known as plastic film packaging):  A soft, flexible, stretchy polyethylene (#2HDPE, #4LDPE) packaging. Bags must be free of food residue.
    Film must be contained in the sealed bag provided by your collector.

  • Produce bags 
  • Plastic bags  
  • Dry cleaning bags  
  • Plastic padded envelopes (no padded manila envelopes) 
  • Plastic overwrap for paper towels, paper plates, napkins, etc.

Clear plastic #1 hinged clamshell containers

  • Plastic egg cartons
  • Plastic fruit containers
  • Plastic bakery containers


  • Clothing
  • Bed/Pillow linens
  • Towels/rags

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (customer provided bag)


Material preparation: You will receive a purple bin (with lid) and plastic bags for Recycle+ materials. Sort all materials by type.


We will provide a purple bin and plastic bags. Separate all materials by type, put the materials in the plastic bags provided and place the bags in the purple bin. Make sure the container lid can close completely to keep materials dry. 

Why plastic bags? Each category of items needs to be kept separate and dry during collection. The plastic bags will be recycled once materials arrive at their final destination. 

Tip: To ensure materials are collected, make sure items are clean, sorted and bagged. Wet materials cannot be recycled. 

Place materials in the plastic bags provided and then place the bags in the purple bin. All bagged materials must fit in the container and the lid must close completely to keep materials dry.

No extra bags outside of the bin will be accepted on collection days. Additional material can be included in your next scheduled pickup. 

Bin placement: Place the bin near the road so that it doesn’t block sidewalks, driveways, public streets or other rights of way. If you signed up for doorstep collection (an additional $2.45 per pickup), place your bin visibly near your doorstep or porch.  

Collection day: Recycle+ collection days are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Program Cost

Recycle+ costs a small base fee and a pickup fee for each requested pickup. You can set out your Recycle+ curbside or at another location on your property, such as your doorstep or porch (additional fees apply). 

Curbside is defined as within five feet of a public or private road. Place your bin out by 5 a.m. on  your collection day. 

  • Base charge (billed monthly): $2.50 
  • Curbside pickup (each): $9.25 
    Place your bin near the road so it is clear of sidewalks, driveways, public streets or other rights of way.
  • Non-curbside pickup 5-150 feet (each): $11.70 
  • Non-curbside pickup over 150 feet (each): $13.02 
    For doorstep collection, place your bin visibly near your doorstep or porch. 

No wishcycling

If you place an item in the purple bin not included in the acceptable list above, it will be left behind in the purple bin on your pickup day. These items may belong in the trash.

Also, do not place any of the acceptable Recycle + items in your weekly recycling cart! These items are must be collected separately because the material recovery facilities are not designed for these additional materials. 

What is wishcycling? While we may have an intention to recycle more, the result of “wishful recycling” makes recycling programs cost more and makes materials sent to recycling companies worth less. Materials placed in the wrong bin is called contamination. Recycling companies want the purest material possible to send to manufacturers to make new products. Contamination causes issues in their processes. It’s important to recycle only what is on the list so our collective effort is successful.

You must contact us to establish this optional service.
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