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For those of you working in your yards this season, place any yard debris into brown cart labeled "Yard Debris." Set your yard debris cart with your regular garbage cart, on your regular pickup day.  Please remember to keep your yard debris cart closed so it will not fill with rainwater.

Please remember that our drivers are on the job every weekday except Christmas and New Year's Day. If these holidays fall on your normal pick up day, set your garbage out on the next business day, and we'll be there to pick it up.

What to do when bad weather delays pick-up of your garbage, recycling and yard debris

Occasionally, icy or snowy roads make it unsafe for our trucks to be out.  We always do our best to put the safety of our customers and their property as well as our employees and equipment first during adverse weather conditions.   Since weather changes can occur rapidly during bad weather it is difficult to predict the length of any service delays in advance. 

However, in the event of a delay in service, we will do our best to ensure that service is provided as soon as possible after the weather improves.

During inclement weather conditions, driving may be hazardous and the collection of garbage, yard debris, and recycling may be delayed or postponed. In the case of severe weather, collection will be prioritized in the following order: 

Yard Debris


·     When garbage, recycling and yard debris must be delayed or postponed due to inclement weather, a reasonable effort will be made to pick up before the customer’s next scheduled collection day. Evening and Saturday collections may be necessary.

·     If garbage, recycling and yard debris collection must be delayed or postponed to the next scheduled collection day, twice the amount of the current subscribed service level will be collected on the next regularly scheduled collection day at no additional charge.

·     We will make every effort to remedy all weather-related misses in a timely manner. Please be aware that while your street may be clear, access to your neighborhood may not. After the severe weather event, drivers may need to deviate from their regular scheduled routes in order to make up snow day misses. This may impact your collection. We appreciate your patience during this time.

·     During inclement weather, please leave your roll carts at the curb. This will ensure your carts will be emptied when roads are deemed clear enough for safe passage.

·     No credits or refunds for missed collections due to inclement weather or issues beyond hauler control. Postponed collections are not considered missed pickups because the service is provided in due course. Credits are not available for postponed collections due to inclement weather.

We do apologize for the inconvenience but please remember we are making safety a priority during the inclement weather.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

We are picking up Christmas trees this year but please remember to cut your tree in half if it is taller than 6 feet.  Just set it out on your normal pickup day and we will pick it up for you no charge!



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